Tinnitus Treatment Tool Box

What is a TOOL BOX?  Everyone should have at least one; in their basement, or in the garage.  A car is also a good place for a tool box.  A toolbox is a place to store tools that might be used frequently and can be found very easily when needed.    

A tinnitus tool box is essentially the same thing.  It is a bunch of tools to help you manage your tinnitus.  But while a home or apartment tool box is filled with some very common things that almost everyone is sure to need, the tinnitus tools in your box may be substantially different from mine.  In fact, a home tool box may not be used very frequently, but a tinnitus tool box might be used every day.  Your tinnitus tool box should only have items in it that have already proven to be effective for you.  You may have gotten a great suggestion at a support group meeting; “so and so swears by this tool to manage his tinnitus.”  But it may not help you at all.  It may make you feel worse.  The only tools that should be in your tinnitus tool box are the tools that help you feel better.  You should get to know the tools well, one might not work in a certain situation, but it is great in another situation.  A successful tool may even stop working and needs to be exchanged for another tool.

Always put the tinnitus tool box back in the same place, so you have it when you need it.  Don’t be afraid to add new ideas and toss out old ideas.  As an ever changing human; our needs change, our experiences change, our health may change.  Our job may change, our friends may change.  Be prepared to change items in your tinnitus toolbox.  There is no right number of tools, too many, or too few.  The tools are just the things that help you live your best life, one moment at a time, one day at a time.  

 "Have you tried this? 
I found it helped me..."